Pet Portrait Info

 "Animals are such agreeable friends.  
They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."
George Elliot 

Growing up, we lived on a farmhouse with lots of animals.
...Goats, ducks, sheep, a cranky chinchilla....   

I fell in love with our pets.  I fell in love with drawing them too.    

I still have a huge spot in my heart for animals of all kinds, and it makes me entirely happy to memorialize them for others.

If you're interested in a custom pet or animal portrait, send me an e-mail.  
I'd love to work with you!

"Cockatiel" in Pastel

"Peaches" in Charcoal

All images copyright protected by Jennifer Frith.   



  1. Hi Jenny! I'm an old friend of your Dad's. I met you once or twice several years ago. He told me that you are an amazing artist, and he was right! Your painting and drawing is so full of heart and vision. I really love your creations. If you are interested in talking about applying for grants and arts funding, let me know. I might be able to steer you in the direction of project funds. Get my contact info from your Dad. Thanks again for sharing your gifts with the world. Keep creating!
    Warmly....Brenda Morgan

  2. Thank you, Brenda! I will get your info from my dad! Really appreciate it.

  3. Beautiful stuff, wow! Holy cow how did bulldog puppies get so much more than their fair share of cute? And you captured it so wonderfully!