You're Getting Older, and That's Amazing

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It's trippy to watch yourself getting older in photos. You can easily spend a lot of time pointing out your "flaws" in pictures. But what others can't easily see in photos is how much *you've* seen. The hurts that have healed. The hard-won wisdom you've earned. How much you've overcome.

Instead of laugh lines needing to be fixed, why can't they remind you of all the belly laughs that you've had? Instead of freckles and age spots needing to be scrubbed away, why can't they remind you of the afternoons you spent soaking up summer sunshine?

I once heard a Yoga instructor call our bodies "meat suits". πŸš€ It's a cheeky statement, but it's true. Our temporary bodies are amazing vessels that will one day expire and release us to our eternal home.

(Have you ever seen someone with a crap-ton of botox, and you wished someone would have an honest conversation with them about how fleeting all of this is?)

Here's to getting older. ❀ Let's treat our beautiful selves with honor.

Photo by  A. L.  on  Unsplash

Photo by A. L. on Unsplash

What are some things you appreciate about getting older?

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Beach Reads: And How to Gracefully Accept Who You Are

How to Accept Yourself as a Creative by Jennifer Frith
How to Accept Yourself as a Creative by Jennifer Frith

This week we got to go to the beach, and I grabbed this Time Magazine to go with me.

Only very recently have I accepted the fact that I have a very limited attention span. (It's bad, guys. Too many stories to share them all here.)

In high school I would beat myself up for only being able read 2-3 pages at a time before drifting off into daydreams. Whenever I heard about those magical, mythical people who could read riveting chapter books for hours at a time (like in a sudsy bubble bath or in a chair at the beach), I felt a pang of pain. Why couldn't I be like that too? To this day, anything requiring more than 10 minutes of my attention makes me feel like I'm in a mental rodeo, trying to lasso and force my mind into submission. (I still haven't read the Harry Potter series for this reason.πŸ˜₯)

I am learning, though, to shut down the rodeo and just relax into who I am and how I'm wired. Four-hundred page novels aren't my thing, and that's perfectly OK. My brain can handle short articles and bite-sized chunks of information. …Like this magazine I picked up about creativity, for instance. In the one article I read, I learned that Leonardo DaVinci was very much a distracted person too, and that makes me feel entirely happy. "The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." - DaVinci

I believe life gets better when we stop resisting who we are and instead try to understand ourselves a little better and settle into how God designed us to be... Messy, creative, intuitive, curious, caring people, flaws and all. πŸ’™

. . .

Are you a big imaginative reader, or do you like to take in bite-sized chunks of exciting information like me?