I'm thrilled to be working on a new Pet Portrait.  :)

Makes me so happy to "meet" the owners
 and learn the stories of their little loved ones.

Here is a beginning sketch of Dash the Boston Terrier, in charcoal.  

I'll be working on this little guy over the next few days.

Thank you, India, for allowing me the opportunity. xoxo


Introducing Peaches,
a lovely little bulldog originally photographed by Vivian Chen.

Vivian is a photographer based in San Francisco.
She was kind enough to let me use some of her photos as reference for this charcoal drawing.

You can find her wonderful work here: www.vivianchen.com.

Here are the "before and after" photos:
The left side is the underpainting; the right is the finished piece.
Charcoal, 18"x24"

Off to mail her a print!

Bulldog Puppy - In Progress

Still working on this sweet little puppy.  

After I get the basic form and proportions down of a portrait, 
I always work on the eye detail first.... and then move outward.

BTW, the reference photo is from the lovely photographer, Vivian Chen.
I saw this beautiful puppy here and asked for her permission to draw it.
She said yes.  :)
Can't wait to show her when it's finished.