My Favorite Sensations

My daughter and I were talking about mindfulness and favorite sensations the other day. 

These are some of mine.

Jennifer Frith's Sketchbook - Favorite Sensations

What makes you feel refreshed and alive?

~ sketchbook pages in gouache.

Meet "Maggie"

Jennifer Frith Ilustrator


After a lot of work and a lot of patience, I'm so excited to share with you that my 3rd children's book is available for purchase here on Amazon.

It's a sweet story about a lion cub named Maggie.  Maggie loves Monster Trucks.  Her family loves her for it too.

The author, Natalie Shafer, was awesome to work for.  She wants little girls to know that it's perfectly OK to be who they are, whether they're sweet and dainty, a little bit rough and tumbly, or maybe a mixture of both.

Jennifer Frith Ilustrator Maggie Likes Monster Trucks
Jennifer Frith Maggie Likes Monster Trucks
Jennifer Frith illustrator Maggie Likes Monster Trucks
Jennifer Frith illustrator Maggie Likes Monster Trucks
Jennifer Frith Ilustrator
Jennifer Frith Illustrator Maggie Likes Monster Trucks

This illustration journey began because I began sharing my animals, journal pages, and illustrations online with you here about 6 years ago.  I had no idea what I was doing (you can find out for yourself; my first post is here ); I just knew I wanted to draw and share those creations for whomever wanted to see them.

So with that, thank you for following and sharing your own creative work with me.  I appreciate your friendship, encouragement, and support.  I hope you keep pursuing your own creative curiosities.  I hope you share your art with the world too, or at least a close circle of trusted friends.  Who knows where it will lead.  And even if you choose not to share it with anyone, I'm 100% certain that following your "creative itch" will lead to your own joy, freedom of expression, and a greater sense of self.

Anyway, enough of the gooey stuff.

You can grab yourself a copy of Maggie Likes Monster Trucks here.  


Thanks for being so awesome.  


Journal Flip Through (Sunday Sketches)

I hope you've all been well.  
I've been busy with lots of life stuff and lots of art stuff; I hope you have too.
Over the fall I've been keeping up on my weekly personal project, Sunday Sketches, where I'd spend some quiet time by myself every Sunday morning, reading the Bible and sketching messages that spoke to my heart that day.

(I believe we all need personal projects to keep us sane and happy.  
This one helped pull me through some rough spots.)

Here's the flip through:
A Journal Flip Through of Jennifer Frith's Sunday Sketchbook

Take a gander on Youtube. 
The song is by Josh Garrels.  He's pretty cool, so you'll definitely want to check him out.

All pages in watercolor and gouache.

(P.S. the Gratitude 52 Project is coming very soon.)

Enjoy this holiday season.

The Making of a Children's Book

The Making of a Children's BookThe Making of a Children's BookThe Making of a Children's Book
The Making of a Children's Book

What I've been working on lately.

Illustrations for a children's book named, Maggie the Lion, written by author, Natalie Shafer.

She is awesome.

Looking forward to sharing more with you as I get ready to watercolor.