Follow Your Fascination

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When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by a ton of things.

I was fascinated by our family history.  I was fascinated by the worn, dusty bible that belonged to my great great grandparents and was stored in our hallway.  I was fascinated by the birds in our back yard.  I was fascinated by Marty Stouffer's television show, "Wild America".  I was fascinated by children's books and Reading Rainbow and poetry by Longfellow.  I was fascinated by ants and insects.  I was fascinated by the bats that flew over our house as dusk began to settle in.  I was fascinated by the night sky and the creek in our backyard.

For the past few months, I've had this phrase, "follow your fascination" come to me over and over again.

I don't know where this thought came from or why it keeps repeating itself to me, but yesterday I decided to yield to it ---  I started a new sketchbook (alongside my Gratitude 52 project) in which the only assignment I have for myself is to explore/record what fascinates me, even if seemingly and totally messy and random.

Not sure what this new practice will uncover or where it will lead, but I'd love to share my journey to who-knows-where with you.  Maybe you'll be inspired to start your own Follow Your Fascination sketchbook too.

This is my first page.

follow your fascination sketchbook

I am fascinated by courage, in which the English word is rooted in the Latin word for "heart."

What fascinates you?

follow your fascination sketchbook

Thank You!

Thank you SO much for your input. 
I'll be putting something this gratitude project very soon!

(I'll announce beforehand so that we can begin gathering our supplies.)

For now, here's a personal project I did tonight.
It was a #MeetTheArtist Twitter hashtag sort of thing I found through Sketch Dailies.  
My first attempt at a "self-portrait."

Meet the Artist - Jennifer Frith
Meet the Artist - Jennifer Frith

What are your likes/dislikes?

I'll be posting more details soon about the Gratitude 52 project!

Dreaming & Doing

There is still room in the world for dreamers.
There is still room in the world for dreamers.There is still room in the world for dreamers.

Remember when we were kids, when we would lay back in the grass, look up,
and imagine magical stories unfolding in the skies?  

knights-in-shining armor

When we believed we could be anything we wanted to be....

movie stars

Let's do that again.

Let's dream big until our hearts soar.

Journal pages in watercolor, white ink, and a magazine clipping.

"There's still room in the world for dreamers."