A Weekend Project to Chase Away the Blues

Feeling uninspired (the kind of uninspired that makes you ache inside & wonder

what is the point in all of this living), I wandered into the art store and found these wooden trays:

I'm so not a crafty person (too many glue-gun burns for my liking), so I wasn't sure what I would do with them, but I brought them home with me anyway.

I pulled out my acrylics, in their ugly green art box.  There is something about using them that lifts me up when I am feeling a little down and off.

Maybe because it's because it gives me permission to make a mess.  To scrape away stubborn paint from underneath my fingernails.  To layer thick blobs of paint onto a surface and not worry about making mistakes or meeting expectations.

I pulled out some old vintage labels too, decoupaged them to 2 of the trays, and triple-sealed them with varnish. 

On the 3rd tray, I painted a blue sailboat scene.

I was happy with how they turned out.  

Maybe a little bit of blue and "blah" in our lives can lead us into beautiful spaces, if we let them. 



Made a sun-catcher for my bedroom window today. :)

Mini-suction cups, crystal beads, embroidery thread, and sunshine.


Jesus Loves Me

Busy making t-shirts for the little guys in Sunday School tomorrow....

The white tees were $2 a piece at Michaels, so I scooped a bunch up and hand-painted "Jesus Loves Me" in fabric paint.

Pencil Cup

Hurricane Irene rolled through our area this weekend.
Made a pencil cup out of scrapbook paper, mod podge, and a frozen fruit juice container to pass the time.

Grateful to have a warm, safe home....

Christmas in July invitations

This year, I was asked to put together our Christmas in July luncheon at the company where I work.   I couldn't find a darned thing close to cute Christmas-in-July invitations, so.....  I made my own!

I picked up a pack of blank invitation cards at AC Moore and simply stamped Christmas trees on the front with green pigment ink and the invite part with black ink.  Then I smudged the edges with lime green decorative chalk.

Christmas in July invitations by jennyfrith
Christmas in July invitation by jennyfrith
Christmas in July invitation by jennyfrith

Easy peasy.