Sunday Sketchbook - Zippy the Chameleon

Sunday Sketchbook, a blog post by Jennifer Frith

A couple of weeks ago, an older friend at church asked me how I was doing and what I had been up to with my art recently. I shrugged and told him that I've been uninspired and in some creative doldrums lately. I laughed and explained how art sometimes feels like a misfit talent and not a very practical or useful gift to have, especially when you're in the doldrums. He said, "Well, I'm wishing you inspiration. Because artists are the prophets."

Curious, I paused and asked him what he meant by that. He explained to me that artists are conduits. They carry messages. They cast visions. They build synagogues and cathedrals. They shape and influence cultures. They see things differently than most others do. "Inspiration" in Latin means "God-breathed", after all.

All of that got me thinking.... maybe I had this "inspiration" idea all upside down.

"Prophets" cannot do what they do without first hearing. And hearing can't happen without first experiencing a closeness.

I don't know of anything more practical, useful, fulfilling, or inspiring than having a closeness with Him. 🎨

Whether you're an artist, a teacher, a wife, a student, a mom, a business woman, I hope you know what a gift it is to have a closeness with your Creator.

- SundaySketchbook in gouache -

Sunday Sketchbook ... Sea Turtle Adventures

watercolor sketchbook pages by Jennifer Frith

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
    I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

Many are the woes of the wicked,
    but the Lord’s unfailing love
    surrounds the one who trusts in him."

- Psalm 32:8,10 -

This sea turtle needs a name.  What would you name him?  Where do you think he is headed?

Sunday Sketchbook pages in gouache, colored pencil, and white ink.

Journal Flip Through (Sunday Sketches)

I hope you've all been well.  
I've been busy with lots of life stuff and lots of art stuff; I hope you have too.
Over the fall I've been keeping up on my weekly personal project, Sunday Sketches, where I'd spend some quiet time by myself every Sunday morning, reading the Bible and sketching messages that spoke to my heart that day.

(I believe we all need personal projects to keep us sane and happy.  
This one helped pull me through some rough spots.)

Here's the flip through:
A Journal Flip Through of Jennifer Frith's Sunday Sketchbook

Take a gander on Youtube. 
The song is by Josh Garrels.  He's pretty cool, so you'll definitely want to check him out.

All pages in watercolor and gouache.

(P.S. the Gratitude 52 Project is coming very soon.)

Enjoy this holiday season.

Want List

Journal Pages by Jennifer Frith
Journal Pages by Jennifer Frith

I was reading in Mark today an interesting story that revealed two different sets of people's "wants".

The first set of people was Jesus' friends, James and John.  The two guys approached Jesus on the sly and asked him for a favor.  Jesus asked, "What is it that you want me to do for you?"  James and John then pretty much asked Jesus for exclusive, front-row fame in Heaven.

The other 10 disciples, overhearing their request, understandably got ticked.  But Jesus brought them all together and taught them that the 1st shall be last, and the last shall be 1st and so on and so forth.

But what was interesting to me was the very next scene in which they were all making their way into Jericho.  As they were walking into the town together, a blind beggar named Bartimaeus began crying out for Jesus to help him.  He continued to cry out louder and louder until Jesus summoned Bartimaeus to come to Him.  Jesus then asked Bartimaeus the exact same question that He asked James and John in the scene before: "What is it that you want me to do for you?"β €β €β €β €β €β €

In front of the crowd, Bartimaeus simply asked Jesus to be able to see again.

Jesus healed Bartimaeus, and the healed beggar immediately and gratefully followed Jesus and his friends.

I wonder what James and John felt when they heard Jesus ask Bartimaeus the same question He had asked them a few moments before.

It made me thankful for Bartimaeus.  It made me look more deeply and carefully at my own want list too.

Journal Pages by Jennifer Frith

Sunday journal pages in gouache.

What's on your "want list"?

Sunday Journal Pages

Journal Pages by Jennifer Frith
Journal Pages by Jennifer Frith
Journal Pages by Jennifer Frith

Have you ever met, ran into, overheard, or worked with a jerk?  I know I have.  I know I've BEEN one of these people.  Miserable human beings, right?  It's enough to make you slip into self-righteous indignation.  (Or want to flip them them the bird.)

But today I read about Jesus telling his disciples what it means to love others.... The strong, humble, vulnerable, serving-others kind of love.  The kind he freely gave, and the kind he actually commands.

Let me tell you, I suck at loving people the way He did.  I especially stink at it when I'm worn out or feeling insecure inside.  "A dry well can offer no water."

Perhaps the jerks are jerks because their well is all "dried up" ... Maybe it's been "dried up" their entire lives.  Maybe they have no concept of what it means to be loved, accepted, honored, seen, cherished, or respected.  Honestly, what a very sad state of life that would be.

I'm not excusing their behavior, but it puts things into perspective for me.

When I focus on everything I *don't* have, I'm a pretty sucky human being.  But when I focus on how many riches I have, how much value I hold, and how vastly Jesus loved His friends, His enemies, the stubborn, bullheaded, broken, rejected, the sick, and ME..... Man, it fills me up. (I've still got a long way to go, but it helps!)

So my message to you & myself:

Don't let the jerks get you down.  *Perhaps* these difficult, jerky people need love and prayers more than anything else.

~* ~

Journal pages in watercolor and gouache.