Just Show Up

I purchased a vintage slate at an antique store a while back. These old framed slates were used by school children in the mid 1800s. Paper was an expensive commodity up until the the 20th century, so the kids would carry their slate and slate-pencils to and from the schoolhouse to practice their handwriting and arithmetic. I like to wonder about what they learned (or where their minds wandered) as their pencils screeched across the black surface.

On this one, I scribbled one of my favorite sayings in chalk: “Just Show Up.” I tell myself this when I am facing something that requires a little extra courage or effort.

Just Show Up - Antique Slate
Art Room - Jennifer Frith, Illustrator
Art Room - Jennifer Frith, Illustrator

Tend & Reflect:

  • Do you have a favorite antique?

  • What’s your favorite mantra?