Returning to My Sunday Sketchbook

For the past few months, I've needed to take a break from anything to do with my art.  A hibernation for healing of sorts.  To slowly wake up out of my winter and step into spring, I am going to be doing a personal project called "Sunday Sketches".  I did it a while ago and want to return to them.  (You can view my 1st Sunday Sketches flip-through video here.)

Instead of posting weekly prompts like I did with the Gratitude 52 Project, I will be sharing my completed sketchbook pages with verses or pieces of wisdom that have been speaking to my heart.  I'll start for a few weeks and see where it goes. Then I'll share them with you each Sunday through social media outlets and my blog here.  You are welcome to follow along and join me.  

I originally posted the first week on my Instagram page.  I realize that koala bears don't really have anything to do with the Bible verse, but koala bears are cuddly, and I love animals, so I included one in my sketchbook.  You'll probably see a lot of animals in these pages.

This particular sketchbook project is meant to keep me uplifted, with no pressure to perform.  I hope the words and images are encouraging to you too.  

Here are last week's verses and what I learned from them.  

With love,



One of my favorite passages from the Bible is in the books of Luke and Mark, where a blind beggar named Bartimaues is yelling for Jesus' help.

Thronged by a large crowd of people, Jesus was making his way through Jerusalem.  Hearing the commotion, Bartimaues begins shouting for Jesus' attention.  The crowd tells him to be quiet, but Bartimaues begins yelling even louder.  Jesus then asks for Bartimaues to come to Him.

As Bartimaues makes his way to Jesus, I imagine that the crowd is now hushed.  The two men stand in front of each other face to face, and Jesus asks Bartimaues, "What do you want me to do for you?"

In that intimate moment of need and request, Bartimaues tells Jesus that he wants to see again. Jesus heals His sight, and tells him that his faith has made him well.

I love that Jesus, while omniscient, invites the lost and overlooked to come to Him with their requests.  I love that Bartimaues was quite OK with looking like a fool too.  And it makes me wonder what I would ask Jesus in that same moment.


sketchbook pages in Schmincke watercolors on Canson hot press, cotton-mould watercolor paper.