Encouraging Words

Sometimes you have rough days.  
You forget why you're doing what you're doing & wonder if it even matters.  
And then you receive sweet reminders that reset your focus...

Shout out to Katie and her mom for sending me this picture. 
 "I want you to see the art you inspired my daughter Katie to make. One Saturday, before her 13th birthday, we watched all of your Youtube videos and made notes of everything you recommended. We ordered your favorite art book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and went on a birthday shopping spree to Michael's!  Thank you for sharing your love of expression with my family!" 
sketchbook journaling, artist journals, jenny's sketchbook

Thank YOU, Katie and Mom, for sharing.  
Your words encouraged me more than you may have imagined. 
 And keep up the awesome work, Katie.  You are doing great!  

. . .

Who could use some encouraging words from you?  Tell them!