Journaling & the Blahs

Journal Pages by Jenny Frith
Journal Pages by Jenny Frith
Journal Pages by Jenny Frith

How are you guys?  xoxo  I was in a bit of a journaling funk lately.  I get into those moods every now and again.  Do you?  You would think with a new art space, one would be bursting with new ideas.  I was not.  I attribute some of that to a new desk....  I was so used to creating from my kitchen table at my old place, that I just didn't feel "at home".

You know what seemed to help?  I decided to sprawl out my supplies on my floor and journal from my lap.... My good old lap.

I was much happier.   Maybe I need to move all of my supplies to my floor and get rid of the table. 

I'm happy to be back to my pages.   (I'm excited to be working on illustrations for a second Kona book by author, Erik Ammon too!  It's a story called "The Lost Squirrel.")

It feels good to break out of the blahs.  I'm on Instagram if you want to peek at some new journal pages in the works. :)

. . .

What are some of your tips for battling the blahs?