Gratitude Journal - Sitting Under the Stars

This weekend my family & I traveled to visit my dad.  He lives in the middle-of-the-mountains, New York.  He has a lot of property, and we are fortunate to get away to his place every summer.

There are mountains and hills for miles and miles.

At nighttime, we like to sit by the campfire together, make s'mores, laugh and tell jokes.  Afterwards, I like to sit outside on the deck by myself, wrap myself in a big down comforter, lean back, and watch the stars.

There is something incredibly comforting in looking up and feeling the cool of the night on your face. The only sounds you hear are tree frogs, a chorus of crickets, and a few dogs barking in the far off distance.

All of it reminds me of how incredibly small we really are, which paradoxically makes me feel very much alive.   My "great big problems" and pursuits fade away when I put them into the perspective of space & eternity.

I was glad to have that moment this weekend.

I am thankful for a canopy of stars.

. . .

Where do you like to sit and watch the stars?