My One Word for the Year

Thank you so much for all of your support about the book.  
It has been a lot of fun seeing Kona come to life.
You guys really are the best.

With all of the resent busyness, there are no new journal pages from me this week.
 I thought I would share my "one word for the year" with you instead:
Two years ago, I started theming my yearly journals with 1 word.

The idea behind choosing "one word" for the year is that it 
helps you take your big, long list of plans and narrow it all down into one focus.

You can read more about the process here:  

Last year my word was Trust.
This year my word is Rest. 

One interesting thing that I'm learning about rest it that God takes it seriously.
Heaven knows I tend to easily burn out, thinking that busy, busy, busy is better.

So, rest it is.
I rested this week by taking a small break from journaling.

I am off to bed early too.   

I might even sleep in past 8 am tomorrow.  :)

I hope you guys have a lovely, relaxing weekend as well.

. . .

Do you have "One Word" for the year?
What is it?