Love Birds & Sunshine

Thank you guys for your sweet comments.  It hasn't been an easy season.  Dealing with the dumps just plain old stinks.  But this past week was good.  It was refreshing and full of sunshine. 

I celebrated my wedding anniversary with my hubby.  He bought me a big bouquet of roses.  I bought him grass-fed beef steaks.  :-)  I also thought it would be fitting to include my love birds in this week's pages.  I printed out a copy on matte photo paper, snipped them out, and pasted them into my journal.  

I went canoeing with my family too.  What was supposed to be a 2 hour excursion on the river turned into 3.5 hours.  I think we took the wrong route!  But I loved every minute of it.   Annnd my arms still hurt.

I absolutely love the summer.....  the heat, the sun, the sea.  But, as much as I would want to have sunny days every day, I'm glad, too, that there are seasons.  They remind me that tough times don't last forever.  

Winter storms may blow, but there is always spring and hope and light....  
and sweet summer days to enjoy.