Tiger Lily Pages

We had my Grandfather's memorial service this past Saturday.
It was a beautiful service filled with sunshine, tears, and laughter.   

A few weeks ago, I was talking to his Reverend.  
He asked me how I was doing.  Overwhelmed and sad, I shared my heart with him.
He gently said, "You know, some of the hardest times bring about the best opportunities." 
At first I thought, "Opportunities?  Seriously?  What are you talking about?"  
But he was right.  I'm beginning to see the clouds lift and opportunities spring up all around myself & my family:   renewed hope, strength, courage, trust, & even some healed relationships.

It reminded me that God watches over us in our every-day struggles...
that He cares & heals.

pages in watercolor & white ink
. . .

"Look to the lilies how they grow!" 
'Twas thus the Saviour said, that we,
Even in the simplest flowers that blow,
God's ever-watchful care might we see."
- David Macbeth Moir -