Gratitude Journal: School Bus Memories... and a Goat

Growing up, we lived on a farmhouse.
Naturally, we had a pet goat.  A cute pet goat.

His name was Clover.  He had a black, wirey coat.   He was clever and ornery.  He roamed free in our unfenced, back yard.

But not always.  Sometimes we would tie a long, loose rope around his neck and then wrap the rope to a tree.  This way he could still prance around in the yard and be his happy-goat-self but not venture into other people's lawns.

Well, it's towards the end of the school year.  I'm in 5th grade (you know, the awkward, beginning stage of self-awareness).   Clover is tied up, and I'm at the end of our long driveway.  I see my school bus come around the bend.  I sling my backpack full of books over my shoulder.  I turn to wave & say goodbye to my goat.

Little do I know, as my bus is arriving,  Clover breaks free from his rope and races down the driveway.  The bus driver pulls up and swings opens the doors.  Just as I step on, Clover clip-clops his stubborn way through the doors ahead of me and onto the bus.  The kids roar with laughter as the driver and I push and shove him back outside.  My face was beet red.  I was mortified.

Who brings their pet goat with them on the bus?  Who even has a pet goat?

At the time I was so embarrassed.

But you know what?  It makes me laugh today.

Clover the Goat reminds me that embarrassing moments aren't all that bad, at least not in the grand scheme of things.

They make for great stories and life-lessons.

And if I ever buy myself a farmhouse and a goat, I'll make sure to build a fence.

 . . .

Do you have any embarrassing stories that make you laugh today?