The Most Musical Person I Know

My grandfather has always been the most musical person I know.
I've posted before about how much he means to my family and me.

As a kid, I remember him bursting into joyous songs from The Music Man
I remember him taking us grandkids to deafening Scottish Bagpipe festivals.   
Even up into his 80s, he played his clarinet in marching bands with big, barrel-chested pride.

He has recently moved to a nursing home, and
I am responsible for carrying out his end-of-life wishes.
While it is an honor, it has also been a trying, hectic time for me.

In the midst of going through his important paperwork, I found old pictures, letters, and poems.
No drawings or paintings.  But still, they were pictures of his life. 
It reminded me to slow down, 
to not let the unimportant things get to me as much and as often...
 to enjoy the music and rhythm of life.  
"Of all the music that reached farthest into heaven,
It is the beating of a loving heart."
- Henry Ward Beecher -

Who has brought music into your life?