My sister hooked me up with some old roofing slates to paint a few weeks ago.
(She is always looking out for me.)
I painted a couple by request for her and another friend, 
and then I made this one for myself:
The quote is an old saying my mom would tell us kids when we were younger.

I had fun painting the slates.
But it got me thinking too:
I would like to paint a few more like it, 
and then offer them and a few other goodies to you guys.
My goal is to open an Etsy Shop.

I am a newbie to Etsy,  
but I hope to have it figured out and running by the end of April.  
It would be nice to have a little shop going.  :-)

Do any of you do Etsy? 
Maybe you guys have some good tips and helpful hints to get started!