Business Cards

I was waiting in line inside the bank this weekend, 
when a woman walked in with her adorable Jack Russell puppy (named Rex!).
I knelt down and let the little guy jump on me.  
She and I got to talking, and I explained to her that I do pet portraits.
We continued to chat about a few other things while I scratched Rex behind the ears.  
And then we went on our ways.
As I walked back to my car, I thought, 
"Oh my,  I don't have a business card.  It's time to make myself some business cards."

So, while I was watching reruns of Downton Abbey this weekend (yey for season 3!), 
I printed and trimmed some cards on Fabriano watercolor paper. 
On some of them I used a corner punch: 

But I think I like the square cards better.

My daughter has already given one to her teacher.  
Maybe the next time I see Rex, I can hand his mom a card too.    :-)