Gratitude Journal - God's Goodness

I often get melancholy just before the holidays.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year often feels like the most painful for me.

I get discouraged over bills, frazzled over commitments to be made.
I feel helpless for those less fortunate.

In my quiet time, I ask God, "Is this what you intended Christmas to be?  How can there be peace on earth, when so many people are in pain?  Where are you, God, when evil exists in the world?"

I am certain that I am not the only one with a heavy, questioning heart.  Especially this weekend.

But during a recent trip to a convenient store, I was reminded that beauty does exist in this crazy world:

Tragedies remind me that evil exists.  
But God reminds me that His light always prevails,
even through the painful times.

I am grateful that this world is not all that there is.  β™₯