Blog Touch-Ups & Links I Love

If you are a RSS subscriber, 
I recently updated my blog header:
I don't have Photoshop,
so I used Pixlr to cut and paste some images from my journal pages.  
I like that it feels more "me."   :)  

But that got me thinking,
I could use your feedback for this little blog!

What do you like best here?  
What would you like to see more of?
More drawings?  More journal pages?  More art tips? 

Your help would be so appreciated.  β™₯

Oh, one more thing!
I mentioned before that I would be "sprinkling" some of favorite blogs here & there:
Here are a few to check out:

. . . 

 Sonja HΓ€usl-Vad 

 Home with the Espinozas

 Afsaneh Tajvidi

. . . 

Hope you enjoy them like I do!