Pet Portrait... and a Favorite Drawing Tool

Hooray!  My computer is fixed.

After rebooting my computer what had to have been 20+ times,  and making several trips to the repair store,  I was finally able to get it working again.

When I wasn't messing around with my desktop last week, 

I was working on "Doug".   :)

When it comes to artsy stuff, working in pencil will always be my first love.

Drawing always fascinated me as a kid.  I loved that I only needed 3 tools to make something magical appear in my drawing pad - a pencil, eraser, and a sheet of paper.

It still thrills me.   And I still really only use the same, basic objects when I'm drawing in pencil today.

While working on this pet portrait, I thought I'd share with you one of my go-to, "grown up" drawing materials. 

My favorite tool is an eraser pencil.  

All you have to do is sharpen it like a pencil:  

Fill in a layer with your regular pencil:

And then erase out:

I always, always use it when drawing eyes.  

. . . 

Doug is almost there.  

I might take some time to finish him tomorrow, after some Turkey & pumpkin pie. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Do you have any plans for the holiday?