Gratitude Journal - Work

The worst job I ever had?  I won't divulge in the name here.
But on my way into work, I'd feel sick to stomach whenever I'd pull into the work parking lot.

I really, really had a rough time with it.
Thank God I had good friends there to help me make it through.

I've since moved on.  Looking back though, I can now see how those frustrating times have helped me today (mostly how *not* to treat people, but that's a story for another day!)

Having had a crappy job makes me appreciate my current 9-5.

There are times when things get crazy and customers get cranky, and sometimes I just want to stick my head in the sand.  But then I remember, "This too shall pass."  

The rough times teach me how to grow,  how to appreciate the good.  
My team is pretty cool too. 

At the end of the day, I'm grateful for my job.


What's the best & worst job you've had?