Journal Pages

Last week, I wasn't feeling very inspired as I prepped my journal pages for the week ahead.

I just kinda felt "Eh" that day.  

I used a stamp, a strip of scrapbook paper, washi-tape, and some stickers.

(Can you tell by the ripped page & sloppy glue job? ...I was totally not feeling it.)

I closed the journal and walked away.

As the week went on, though, I began filling in the dates like I normally do.  I decided to use colored pencils instead of watercolor to sketch in some doodles.  It was a super-small change, but it gave me the tiniest extra spark.

I like how the pages turned out.

Sometimes making a simple change can be a really refreshing recharge.


Do you ever feel "eh" with your outlet?

Happy Monday to you guys. :)