Gratitude Journal - Cold Medicine

It's that time of year again.
I got my first kick-in-the-pants cold last week.  

It's clearing up pretty quickly, but the first few days were a doozy.   
I was miserable.  

As I laid in bed, I tried thinking of all the "wonderful" things I could be thankful for.

1)  Cherry flavored cold medicine.
2)  I Love Lucy DVDs that my sister bought me last year.
3)  But thinking a little bit harder ....  it's my husband.  

Now, he's my best friend & sweetheart, but he's also a "tough military man".  When it comes to pain, there's definitely an unspoken, no-whining, pee-on-it-and-walk-away policy in our household (I'm kidding about the peeing thing.)  So it always surprises me when I'm sick.  He gets remarkably sweet and protective of me, running to get me water and medicine, checking in to see if I need anything.  

Go figure.  I love it about him.  I should get the sniffles more often.  :)

What lifts your spirits when you're sick?