Art Tip #4 - How to Get Unstuck

A little over a year ago, I was talking to my good friend Julie about a problem I was having.  

We were taking a walk on a wooded trail, and I said to her, "I want to do my artwork, but I'm just not.  I feel so stuck.  What's the point in art?  Why would God give me a passion for something that seems so impractical?  Why should I do it at all?  Hmmph."  

I'll never forget the words she said in reply.

"Jenny, why don't you do it simply because you enjoy it, and see where it takes you?"

A lightbulb went off!

I quit worrying about the pressure and got back into it for the fun of it.... which led me to this blog, which led to me meeting wonderful friends like you, which led to pet portraits and other commissioned projects.  Doing my artwork for the sheer fun of it has opened up so many doors I never thought even existed.  

It freed me up tremendously.

So for anyone else who may feel discouraged and "stuck", I am passing along her wise words to you too:  

And see where it takes you.  :-)


What kind of creative outlet makes you the happiest?