A Soldier's Sketchbook

I recently stumbled across a wonderful illustrated book from WWII veteran, Joseph Farris.

As a young soldier fighting in France and Germany, Joseph mailed home hundreds of letters and sketches.  They were collected over 50 years ago and published into a 2011 memoir called,  A Soldier's Sketchbook:  From the Front Lines of WWII.

โ€œThrough Farrisโ€™ letters, sketches, photographs and memorabilia....he describes life on the troop ship heading to the front, the experience of spending Christmas Eve in a snowy foxhole, the shock of losing close friends, his exhilaration when Germany surrendered and how wonderful a hot shower felt after months on the front line."  

I wish I could articulate the depth of my gratitude toward all of our service-people such as him.

You can find out more about Joseph Farris and his book here.

Happy Independence Day