Preserving Memories

My very favorite thing about art journaling is thumbing through old entries
and looking over little pieces of my past.

I pulled out an old journal today.
These are a couple of pages from over a year ago:

Time goes by so fast, doesn't it? 

The thing I enjoy most about art journaling is preserving memories.

Before art journaling, I had grand intentions of scrap-booking on a regular basis.  That little ship sailed and sunk, my friends.   I felt like I was swimming in photos and scrapbook paper.  (Those adhesive mounting squares frustrated the heck out of me too.)   And then, before I knew it, I'd feel so guilty about not creating a keepsake for my family.

Art journaling is my happy medium.   I can still put together a scrapbook every now and then if I feel like it;   I don't have to feel like I'm overwhelmed with memorabilia;  I get to scratch my creative itch;  and I can preserve meaningful memories every day.

It's been a happy adventure.


How about you?
How do you preserve your memories?  What's your favorite thing about art journaling?