Art Tip #2

The first tip I posted was to believe in yourself.   
It might sound super-obvious, but my second tip goes hand-in-hand:

I had a long 5 year stretch where I didn't draw at all.   I was a single mom, trying hard to get my life in order.   I felt lost and overwhelmed.   The idea of having to produce something "spectacular" seemed so stressful to me at that time.  I was letting a gift that originally gave me so much joy slip away.   

But one day I had a quiet little epiphany.  I realized, "I can't call myself an artist if I'm not actually making art, can I?" 

To get back into the groove, I grabbed my trusty sketchbook and resolved to draw 15 minutes a day.   Nothing big, just a little nudge to get me back on track. 

It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made.   Seriously.  That little resolution led me to this blog and pet portraits and meeting wonderful people like you.  I have had more fun with it than I ever have, simply because I started playing in my sketchbook again.

Miriam-Webster defines an artist as "one who professes and practices an imaginative art."  I love how simple that is.   

An artist isn't someone who marches right outside and paints the Sistine Chapel.  An artist professes and practices.  


How often do you like to draw?  :)