Art Tip #1

I'm human.  I love compliments. 

"You are talented!" 

"You are an amazing artist.  I wish I could do this." 

 "That is so neat!  If only I could draw."

But, I always feel mildly sad when I hear these phrases too.  Somehow, I feel like artists are placed up on pedestals.  I don't like pedestals.  I want others to feel like they can be great at art too.  I want to jump up and exclaim, "You can be an artist with me!  You can do this!"  

I was a normal kid.  I started off drawing big-headed, goofy-looking stick figures. 

I loved coloring in my My Little Pony coloring books.  I got in trouble for scribbling on walls.  

I do clearly remember, though, the day my 7 year-old-self "decided" to pursue art.

It was a bright, sunny day.  My mom, who had gone to art school, kept her college portfolio hidden under her bed.  I knew this, so I snuck into my parents room, sat indian style on their floor, reached underneath the bed, and dusted off that giant old portfolio.  I thumbed through all of her drawing and sketches, and I sat in awe.  

With a dusty sketchbook in my lap and sunlight pouring down on me, I remember thinking,  

"This is amazing.  I want to do this too.  I know I can do this...  I'm going to be an artist."  

And that's my first "tip" here on my blog: 

I humbly offer it to you, realizing that I still have so much yet to learn myself.

Know that you will probably stink in the very beginning, no matter what you pursue.  Everybody does to some extent.

Believe that you can.  Keep going!