Summer Planning

It's the unofficial start to the summer this weekend!

What are your plans for Memorial Day?
My husband was in the service.  So were both of my grandfathers.  
Anyone who has served really does humble me.  

But Jason doesn't care very much for Thank You's and Accolades,
so I intend to hold his hand and let him know in quiet ways that I support him.  

And we'll enjoy Memorial Day as it brings in warm summer nights, fireworks, and fireflies.


My daughter and I just went to a fair the other night.  
The weather was perfect.

Here are some pictures I took from my phone and posted to Instagram. 
(Are you guys on Instagram?  I'm new to it.  How do you link to your profile?  
Would love to follow you!)  

I sat at the top of the Ferris Wheel with my little one,  
and I started thinking of all of the adventures I want to go on this the summer.

Too often I let those little thoughts come and go... and they're never acted on.
Too often I find myself rushed, hurried, and just not savoring "the moment".  And memories are swept away.

It's been pressed into my heart to live with more intention.
So I started a new ritual of "Sunday Night Planning."

After Ashley is in bed, I set aside some quiet time at the table, 
enjoy a glass of wine, and plan out the week to come.

So this week's gratitude journal pages are about just that.

Sunday Night Planning allows me be thankful for the things I GET to do...
 so that they don't feel like things I HAVE to do. 


Hope you have a Happy Memorial Day.