Behind the Blog: 6 Things

6 Things
I'm most creative...
From 8pm - 9pm.   The sweet window of time when dishes are done, homework is checked, my little one is in bed, and my husband is flipping through sports channels.   This is my glorious quiet time.

If I were a color...
I'd be tangerine:  warm, cheerful, and fun. :)

I often imagine myself...
Kicking an attacker's butt while I am going on my walks (with my pepper spray close by)!
However, I probably look more ridiculous than tough with this thought running through my head.

I really wish I knew how to...
be extraordinarily brave.

I'd love to spend a lazy Sunday...
exploring an art museum.

My secret talent is...
I think I'm pretty good with kids.
I volunteer at a Bereavement Center for children;  I teach Sunday School classes too.
I love being silly & working with the little guys.
But Bill Cosby will always be the best.


Your turn!
How would you answer these questions? :)