Gratitude Journal - First Aid

I am a klutz.

I could tell you about the time I sprained my ankle from falling (I wish I could say gracefully) into a groundhog hole.

Or the time I weaved together a beautiful wreath made from vines that I gathered from my backyard....
Poison oak vines.

That made for a fun little trip to the emergency room.

Or, the most recent event, when I sliced my finger on a tuna can.
     Dispatcher:      "This is 911.  What is your emergency?"
     Me:                   "I cut my finger on a tuna can.  It's bleeding pretty badly."
     Dispatcher:      "Do you want us to send an ambulance?"
     Me:                   "Um, no, that's alright. I think I will be ok.  Thank you."

Probably the shortest (and most polite) 911 call ever.

I am thankful for bandaids, pain medicine, and antiseptic... all within arm's length of a kitchen cabinet.
(I am also thankful that I now know how to identify poison oak.  :))

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Do you have any clumsy First Aid stories?