Don't Abandon Your Work

"Art is never finished, only abandoned."

- Da Vinci -

Whenever I work on a drawing or painting, I always have these thoughts tugging away at me during the process: 

        "I can do that differently.  I can do more."

I like aiming higher.

While this is a good thing, I tend to get obsessed, and I usually have to tell myself to walk away and be done with it.

But, whenever I'd look at those completed pieces (and this is the not-so-good part), I'd be plagued with nagging, overly-critical thoughts: 

         "I should have done that differently.  I could have done more."

Regrets!  I'd never really feel good about my artwork. 

So I would go for days, weeks, months, without ever wanting to start something new.

Perfectionism at its worst.   


This brings me back to DaVinci's quote up there --  

How many his paintings come to your mind when you think of DaVinci? 

I think of 3 off the top of my head. (I think he completed only about 30 in total... ). 

He did a lot of "abandoning." 

Were they masterpieces? Absolutely. 

Was DaVinci a brilliant artist?  Without a doubt. 

But when I think of DaVinci as a person, I imagine a grizzled, old unhappy man, always tinkering with inventions, overly critical with his work and unsatisfied with life. 

And miserable people abandon things.   

Like puppies and unwanted kittens. 

Who wants to aspire to that?   

So, instead I say,  

Don't abandon your work!

Try new things.   

Decide when to move on.  

Nurture your talent.