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Thank you so much for visiting my page.

My name is Jennifer Frith.  I am an artist, illustrator, and animal-lover.  

I grew up on a farm-house in Pennsylvania with a big back yard and lots of animals.   We had a pond, a pet goose, sheep, ducks, guinea pigs, lots of cats, a chinchilla,  dogs, and a goat named Clover.  

I loved running barefoot outside in the green, cushiony grass, grabbing my sketchbook, and drawing our pets.  I was fascinated by these furry friends.

I also grew up with a lot of heartache.   

A broken family.  A mom with severe depression.  A teen pregnancy.  A young rocky marriage.  My own young divorce.  Questions.  Anger.  Tears.  Hurt. 

As difficult as those tough times were, I noticed that our pets always encouraged me I was sad β€” especially my cat, Chloe.  Chloe would quietly curl up next to me as I cried into my bed.   No words, no advice... just empathy and presence.  She helped me through a lot.  It's because of her, my faith, and a whole lot of love and support from my loved ones, that I am where I am today.  It made me want to give that type of support to people who may be hurting too.  

Though I no longer live in that big farm-house,  I'm still in Pennsylvania.  And I still like to run outside barefoot.

I am remarried and live with my best-friend, Jason, and my daughter, Ashley.  Our home is filled with laughter and love.  We are proof that there is hope through the hard times.

I still like to draw in my sketchbook as well.  You can find me in my art room playing with watercolors, journaling,  sending out Etsy orders, and creating commissioned pet portraits.

I also have a huge spot in my heart for kids β€” I've illustrated 3 children's books: Maggie Likes Monster Trucks, The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly, and The Lost Squirrel.  They can be found at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

And when I have free time, I volunteer at a local Bereavement Center for children.

On my blog, I'm happy to share my art-adventures, inspiration, tips, and encouragement here with you too.

I know this world can sometimes be hard.  But I believe people can be remarkably strong.
And with a little bit of support and encouragement, I believe we can do amazing things.

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: enΒ·courΒ·age \\:  to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope

How can I encourage you?

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Jennifer Believes:

Animals are the best encouragers.

Laughter is the best medicine.

People matter.

Kindness matters.

Art is healing.

Journaling is therapeutic.

Today is a gift.

(Embrace it.)

Brokenness can lead to beauty.  

(Let it.)




Questions?  Kind words?

Feel free to email me here at:  jennifer @ jenniferfrith.com (no spaces)