Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pet Portrait in Progress

I've been working on a Labrador Retriever named Emma, 
all the way from Finland.
My watercolor tools include:

 Schmincke watercolor pan
 watercolor brushes
 mason jars (one for clean water, one for dirty)
teal toolbox
portable drawing lamp
paper towel
 kitchen table
 Arches watercolor block
 and a sweet reference photo

I posted some of these images a few days ago on Instagram.
I'm under jennyfrith, if you want to join me there. :)


  1. Jenny
    This painting is amazing. You have really captured her soul in those incredible eyes you painted…great job!

  2. Very nice painting, Jenny! I agree with Kelly - you have captured her sweet expression! xoxo

  3. You are always so good with watercolors, unbelievable! I'm okay with pencils and acrylics, but watercolor needs to be handled so delicate.