Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art Inspiration - Alan Watts

Puts a spark in my heart.

When you were little, 
what did you want to become? 


  1. when i was little i always change what I wanted to be.
    first a vet
    second a mail man
    third a person who takes cares of animals of the sea
    forth an art teacher
    fith an illustrator
    always changing....
    ended up as a Graphic Designer....

  2. i know it sounds crazy but i always wanted to become a witch =) i had even designed my castle n stuff haha
    what about u?

    1. love it! I wanted to be an astronaut, an artist, and a veterinarian. :-)

  3. My earliest memory tells me that I wanted to become an artist of some sort - preferably a fashion designer or drawer of Charlie Brown comics. :)

  4. thank you Jenny for this video! This is now my topic. Last two years I went back to my love - illustration. Everybody told to me, I can not be an artist and make money this way. But now I really dont care about money, I just want to do this, because it is my passion, a part of me and I can´t imagine to live without drawing...

  5. it's so neat to hear all of your childhood dreams. thank you for sharing!

  6. you share great videos, jenny. i gathered the kids around to watch; i figured they'd enjoy, too...and they (at least our oldest) did.=) artist, singer, athlete when i was in jr. hight. missionary in high school after learning about the love and inspiration of amy carmicheal and mother teresa. what a combo.=)

  7. What a great video. When I was young I wanted to be a scientist and an artist at the same time.