Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stillman & Birn

So my husband bought me a new journal for my birthday in October.
(I put it on my Amazon wishlist. :-))
I just started using it this month, and I'm loving it so far.

It's from Stillman & Birn, and it's part of the "Delta Series".
The paper is Ivory in color, and 180lb./270 gsm in weight.  
It's nice and thick and toothy. 
Filled in with watercolor and white ink

Can't wait to show you a few other pages I've already filled in. :-)


  1. Hi Jenny! I like this page very much. The green is so fresh and white ink looks just lovely on it... I wish you a very, very good year 2013!

  2. Beautiful title/cover page!!! You make me want to paint! :)

  3. thank you, Sonja & BeBe! :) Happy painting to you both!

  4. Oh wow, that green is so bright and lovely! Great cover page!

  5. I LOVE this title page! You inspire me so, so much. Enjoy your weekend Jenny - stay warm and read some Kindle samples. :)

  6. love that green! look forward to seeing more pages, too!

  7. Hi Jenny. I love this page, especially the mottled look of the green background. Can you please share how you did this? I have been try for 2 days now, and can't seem to come close to replicating it. lol. thx in advance. =D

  8. thank you so much, Lissa. xoxo. I painted the background in a green watercolor wash. Before the paint dried, I dropped clean drops of water throughout the pages. This caused the lighter colored back-runs (splatters). Then, once the pages dried completely, I stamped a few white "bubbles" with white acrylic ink. I hope this helps! :-)