Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Business Cards

I was waiting in line inside the bank this weekend, 
when a woman walked in with her adorable Jack Russell puppy (named Rex!).
I knelt down and let the little guy jump on me.  
She and I got to talking, and I explained to her that I do pet portraits.
We continued to chat about a few other things while I scratched Rex behind the ears.  
And then we went on our ways.
As I walked back to my car, I thought, 
"Oh my,  I don't have a business card.  It's time to make myself some business cards."

So, while I was watching reruns of Downton Abbey this weekend (yey for season 3!), 
I printed and trimmed some cards on Fabriano watercolor paper. 
On some of them I used a corner punch: 

But I think I like the square cards better.

My daughter has already given one to her teacher.  
Maybe the next time I see Rex, I can hand his mom a card too.    :-)


  1. :D These are lovely business cards! What works of art (... I guess that's stating the obvious..) but they're really nice!

  2. What awesome business cards, Jenny! Great idea! I hope you bump into Rex's owner again. Do they allow dogs in banks there?

    1. thank you, Serena. xoxo
      Not usually, but I guess because Rex was so tiny and cute, they didn't mind a visit! :-)

  3. Perfect! I love this idea and will certainly try it out for myself.

  4. I love these cards!! You are so crazy talented Jenny!! xo

  5. Looks very professional and artistic! Great idea by the way.

  6. you guys are the sweetest. thank you!

  7. oh, they look fabulous! way to go!

  8. Your business cards are very sweet and your pet portraits are amazing. I enjoyed watching the video by David Gentleman. Wow! I just think it is awesome when someone can draw their surroundings so quickly without a second thought. Fabulous! Have a great week. Tammy

  9. Those are so cute! Love how the pic takes up one whole side of the card! Trusting that as you take another step in this area that God will increase your business. Many blessings!