Monday, December 17, 2012

Sketchbook Journal - December

Here are my journal pages, prepped for the week.
I thought about doing Christmas colors, and then said, "Nah."
I went with Blues & Oranges instead.  The colors cheer me up....

so does a jar full of Washi-Tape....
And hugs from my loved ones too.  
What cheers you up when you're feeling blue?


  1. That background shade of blue is my very very favorite:) Quiet time always does good things for me. Reading. Being alone.

  2. Beautiful page spread! I love blues and orange is such a nice contrast too.

    What cheers me up? Lots of things, I guess...Sketching, reading an adventurous novel, cuddling up to my doggy, a good comedy or adventure movie, friends & family etc... :)

    Serena xx

  3. those are all wonderful things, Serena & Lillian. just thinking about them makes me feel warm and cozy.

  4. love the colors, too! a quite walk or a visit or phone call with those who know me best gets me back "in line." love to you and your family.

  5. Seriously, your use of colors just draws me in. Love your posts. I'm almost afraid to do a journal like this, for fear of the frightening results! You are just so talented. I wish I had your skill. I hope you are saving these for your children to look back on someday. =)