Monday, November 12, 2012

Gratitude Journal - Hope

When I was a teen, I had cried my share of tears.
One of my favorite uncles was aware of the hard times I was facing.
One day, toward the end of an icy winter, he visited my family.  

While everyone else was out and about, he called me into the kitchen and pointed out our window.
"Do you see that?"
I peered outside.  
He said, "Do you see it?  There's a blue bird over there.  
She's a sign of new beginnings."   

I think of that little bird every time I am going through a difficult time.
It helps keep a spark of hope in my heart.


What helps you to hold on?


  1. That's a lovely illustration and you did a wonderful job on the bird. I love that saying.. the bird still can sing with clipped wings. I will remember that always now. Prayer helps me hold on.

  2. that is such a gorgeous rendering of a bluebird! you captured it perfectly. :) you are so talented! that is a wonderful quote too!

  3. This is beautiful. You are truly talented. Thank you for sharing :) Sigh, what helps me hold on? I have no idea. I'm still trying to figure that out myself.

  4. beautiful bird and branch. your uncle sounds tender and wise. when the pain has hit hard, i truly don't know what i would have done without a nonjudgemental, caring, listening ear in a family member and/or friend. sweet post, jenny.

    1. thank you, Amy. He is a great uncle. What a gift good listeners are!

  5. Your pages are beautiful. The blue bird is gorgeous and I'm glad your uncle gave you the gift of hope.
    For me, knowing that I'm loved no matter what, that keeps me going.

  6. Sweet bird painting and memory! My kids keep me going...

  7. This is beautiful. Thank you. You gave me hope today. I needed a dose! =)