Friday, November 23, 2012


Over the many years of art projects, I have accumulated lots of paper.
I like using bits of it for my journaling and scrap-booking.

But I was doing some housecleaning today, 
and have realized that I have collected *way* more than I need.

I would like to give some away to you.
There are over 100 sheets.  
There are lots of wedding-themed papers, and a few seasonal ones.
I weighed them on the scaled too.  :)
Altogether, they weigh 5lbs. 

If you would like to win this pack, leave a comment with your name below.  
I will choose a lucky winner on Sunday and announce a name on Monday.

Happy Friday!

**Comments are now closed.  I'll announce the random lucky winner tomorrow!**


  1. Oh LOVELY. I love random stacks of paper :D Thanks so much for the chance to win <3

  2. This is such a great idea! Jamie Frieling would love to win some awesome and adorable paper! Thank you for posting this!

  3. They look gorgeous - I'm a total paper addict. I'd love to receive these please, but I'm in the UK. Does that mean I can't join in?

    1. anyone can enter. if your name is picked, I will figure out how to get it to you! :)

  4. I'd love it! I like to bring patterned papers into my classroom for some art projects (I teach K-6 art).

  5. WOW! Those papers are beautiful! I only started scrapbooking 2 months ago and already papers are a massive addiction for me! Best of luck everyone :) xx

  6. OMG I'd love to win!! I'd make some awesome journals and art books :-)

  7. I love paper! Lots of paper! Any kind of paper! Yeah!

  8. The paper looks lovely!
    I hope my name will be picked!

  9. I love beautiful papers! Please count me in.
    Thanks so very much!
    Peace & Love,
    Barb, with her fingers crossed. lol

  10. Hopefully my luck continues! Thanks for all the giveaways Jenny!!
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving with you family :)

  11. I love scrapbooking so much...
    Cards for holidays, birthdays and such.
    Prints, stripes, colors galore...
    5 lbs of paper...who could ask for more?
    What a wonderful, generous way to share...
    Chose one winner...chose 'em with care!
    Thank you so much for your generosity...
    If I don't win, it will be a pity! (just kidding)

    1. a poem! I love it. May I have your name please, to add to the drawing? xoxo

  12. I love paper. It's a weakness! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win, Jenny!

  13. Hi, Err, I don't really need a ton more paper!, but I do LOVE paper. It would all get used up eventually, especially as I teach workshops sometimes. Also I've been meaning to say for ages how much I love your journal pages. I love them for their simplicity, and the fact that they seem very 'you' and don't look like all the many other 'art journals' on the web that are getting to look a bit samey (very beautiful, but samey). I haven't written in my blog for ages, but there are some of my diary pages there that look a bit like yours. Nina