Gratitude Journal - My Dad

I realized recently that I hadn't worked on any of my Gratitude Pages in a few weeks.

Looking back at this past month, I could definitely tell a difference in my mood -- I've been more stressed than usual, and little bit more on the cranky side.  Maybe Shawn Achor is correct in saying that gratitude journaling does rewire our thinking.

Either way,  I've been wanting to make these particular pages for quite some time, and finally filled them in the other night.

I am grateful for my dad.

My dad is a risk-taker at heart.  I've always been in awe of this.  As a little girl, I'd watch him effortlessly scale several-story-high scaffolding on job sites.  I felt that as long as he had his tool belt around his hip, he could climb anything in the world.  

He'd tell us kids about his sky-diving days too.  I'd wonder what about him made him so courageous that he would jump out of a plane, more than once.

Or start a business.  Or learn how to fly.  


I'm grateful for how hard he's worked in his lifetime too.  He'd work late into the night to give us what he never had as a kid --  a comfortable home with good memories.  A good school.  Family meeting nights.  Devotions.  Prayer at bedtime.

Above all the things I appreciate about my dad, though, it's been his love and support.
Even with my painful past, he's always been cheering me on.  Listening to me.  Believing in me.

I am incredibly grateful to God for putting this man into my life.


Thank you, Dad, for always making me feel like I could fly.
I love you.